Nida Abdullah Lecturer
Glenn Abney Emeritus, Professor
Katie Acosta Assistant Professor
Francis Adams Lecturer
Ellis A. Adams Assistant Professor
Ellis Adjei Adams Assistant Professor
Lauren Adamson Emeritus, Regents Professor
Tahereh Aghdasifar Limited Term Faculty
Johnson Agniswamy Sponsored Funded Professional
Eyal Aharoni Assistant Professor ,
Donald Ahearn Emeritus, Professor
Sandra Ahuama-Jonas Office Mgr
Tarushee Ahuja Lecturer, Visiting
James Ainsworth Associate Professor
Erol Akbas Lecturer, Senior
Irina Akimova Part-Time Instructor
Joanna Akin Sponsored Funded Administrativ
Katina Akins Staff
Makungu Akinyela Associate Professor
Eiyad Al-Kutubi Limited Term Faculty
H Elliott Albers Professor, Regents ,
Francisco Javier Albo Senior Lecturer, Music Survey
Margo Alexander Lecturer, Senior
Tara Alexander Business Mgr III
Mohammed Hassen Ali Associate Professor ,
Sally Allen Limited Term Faculty
Stuart A. Allison Professor
Selma Alston Interim Administrative Coordinator, Senior
Andrew Altman Distinguished University Professor
Dan Altman Assistant Professor
Camila Alvahydo Limited Term Faculty
Amber Amari Assistant Dean For Graduate Programs
Sarah Kruser Ambrose Part Time Instructor, Flute
Robert Ambrose Professor, Director of Bands
Robert Ambrose Professor, Director of Bands
Kevin Anderson Professor, Adjunct
Stan Anderson Retired
Page Anderson Associate Professor
Brice Andrus Part Time Instructor, Horn
Ritu Aneja Associate Professor
Rafal Angryk Professor
Steve Anthony Lecturer
Flora Anthony Lecturer, Visiting
Vadym Apalkov Associate Professor
Marina Arav Associate Professor
Edward Arcuri Professor, Research
Sarah Argiero Academic Advisor
Darien Arikoski-Johnson Assistant Professor
Lisa Armistead Professor
David Armstrong Director, Georgia News Lab
Hilal Arnouk Limited Term Faculty
Karin Arranz Assoc To Dir
Amelia Arsenault Assistant Professor
Liana Artinian Lecturer
Ashwin Ashok Assistant Professor
Kristin Atchison Part-Time Instructor
Nathan Atkinson Assistant Professor
Jaye Atkinson Associate Professor
Roberta Attanasio Associate Professor
Christian Avart Lecturer, Senior
Hassan Babaie Associate Professor
Irma Bachman Limited Term Faculty
Joseph Bagley Limited Term Faculty
Jhonelle Bailey Sponsored Funded Administrativ
Roger Bakeman Emeritus, Professor
Jan Berry Baker Associate Professor, Saxophone
H. Robert Baker Associate Professor
Kevin Bales Part Time Instructor, Jazz Improvisation and Piano
Rachel Ballard Bigley Graduate Assistant
Juan Banda Assistant Professor
Pamela Barba-Valdivieso Part-Time Instructor
Jennifer Barker Associate Professor
Arghya Barman Post Doctoral Associate AC
Deborah Baro Professor
Fabien Baron Assistant Professor
Allen Barrett Staff, Business Manager
Doyle Barrow Part-Time Instructor / Instructor of Chemistry
Douglas Barthlow Lecturer, Senior
Timothy Bartness Professor, Regents
Timothy Bartness Professor, Regents
Timothy Bartness Professor, Regents
Abbas Barzegar Assistant Professor ,
Lia Bascomb Assistant Professor
Allison Bass Assistant Director, Development and Special Events
Molly Bassett Associate Professor
Mausumi Basu Sponsored Funded Professional
Barbara Baumstark Professor
Al Baumstark Professor
Tyler Beard Part-Time Instructor
Nina Beato Project Coord
Kay Beck Emeritus, Professor
Mark Beirne Lecturer
Diane Belcher Applied Linguistics & ESL, and Professor
Saeid Belkasim Associate Professor
David Bell Lecturer, Senior
Joe Bellon Lecturer, Senior
Igor Belykh Associate Professor
Nicole Benner Lecturer, Visiting
Rita Bennett Admin Spec, Acad
Charlese Benson Assistant Professor
Charlie Garnett Benson Assistant Professor
Misty Bentz Assistant Professor
Michael Beran Associate Professor ,
Louis-Alexandre Berg Assistant Professor ,
Larry Berman Professor
María Elena Bermúdez Lecturer, Senior
Jessica Berry Associate Professor
Raffi Besalyan Assistant Professor
Jaman Bhola Instructor
Daniel Bigman Limited Term Faculty
Nelson Binggeli Psychometrist
Steven Black Assistant Professor
Michael Black Lecturer, Senior
Andrew Blalock Part-Time Instructor
David Blaustein Senior Academic Professional
Jessamy Bleth Administrative Specialist - Academic
Mia Bloom Professor ,
Isa Blumi Associate Professor
Rian Bobal Limited Term Faculty
Ly Bolia Associate Professor
Toby Bolsen Associate Professor ,
Vladimir Bondarenko Associate Professor
Solange Bonnet Lecturer, Senior
Lakeyta Bonnette Associate Professor ,
Jeff Boortz Assistant Professor
Jack Boozer Professor
Lois Borek Lecturer, Senior
Paul Boshears Part-Time Instructor
David Bottoms Professor
Anu Bourgeois Associate Professor
Lynda Bourne Staff
Megan Bowman Lecturer, Visiting
Sara Bowman Lecturer, Visiting
David W. Boykin Emeritus, Regents Professor
Sean Bradley Post Doctoral Associate AC
Lee Branum-Martin Associate Professor
Michelle Brattain History and Associate Professor
Christabel Braunrot Part-Time Instructor
Jeremy Brazas Lecturer
Cassondra Breedlove College Administrative Officer
Matthew Brewer Acad Professional
Richard Briggs Professor
Melinda Brindley Asst Professor Research
Sharonneika Brinkley Receptionist
Margo Brinton Professor, Regents
Marian Broida Limited Term Faculty
William Brooks Professor, Adjunct
Keneta Brooks Administrative Coordinator, Se
Nikiesha Brooks Assoc To Dir
Tasha Brooks Sponsored Funded Professional ,
Jody Brooks Lecturer
Sarah Brosnan Professor ,
Megan Brown Post Doctoral Associate AC
Karen Brown Sponsored Funded Administrativ
Murray Brown Associate Professor
Gary Brown Business Mgr II
Eric Brown Academic Advisor (90+ hours): Film and Media, Philosophy, Religious Studies, Speech, Dual Degree
Christopher Brown Lecturer, Senior ,
Michael Lane Bruner Professor
Paul Bryan Network Systems Administrator
Eric Bubacz Part Time Instructor, Tuba
Jacquelyn Buie-Brown Grants & Contracts Ofcr II
Jacquelyn Buie-Brown Grants and Contracts Officer II
Emily Buis Academic Advisor
Tiffany Bullock Admin Asst
John Bunting Lecturer, Senior
Cassandra Bunyan Administrative Coordinator, Sr. (Temp)
Elisabeth Burgess Gerontology, Director and Associate Professor
Brenden Burke Asst Professor, Adjunct
Natasha Burnett Sponsored Funded Professional ,
Thomas Burns Asst Professor, Adjunct
Robert Burns Lecturer, Senior
John Burrison Professor, Regents
Chris Burton Senior Administrative Coordinator
Charles Bush Supply Mgr ,
Albert Bush Limited Term Faculty
Dunay Busto Lab Coord
Carola Butler Lab Coord
Zhipeng Cai Assistant Professor
Gina Caison Assistant Professor
Tanya Caldwell Professor
Allison Calhoun-Brown Associate Professor
Alison Camacho Lecturer
Karla Camacho-Godoy Academic Advisor
Gemia Cameron Lab Tech I
Matthew Campbell Limited Term Faculty
Ian Campbell Associate Professor
Justin Cantrell Dept Tech Coord
Qiang Cao Sponsored Funded Professional
Xiaojun Cao Professor
Edna Caraballo-Rodriguez Grants and Contracts Officer II ,
Henry Carey Associate Professor ,
Amelia Carley Graduate Assistant
Ryan Carlin Associate Professor , ,
Katie Carlisle Associate Professor, Music Education
Ashley Carlock Human Resources Coordinator
Dan Carlson Assistant Professor
Ashley Carr Staff Asst ,
Laura Carruth Associate Professor ,
Marva Carter Associate Professor, Music History and Literature
Tiffany Carter PR Specialist
Karis Casagrande Rsch Coord I
Annette Cash Lecturer, Senior
Laura Castelli Administrative Coordinator, Se, Arts & Sciences-Dean's Office
Julianne Caton-Williams Lecturer, Visiting
Sharon Cavusgil Lecturer, Senior
Yun Chai Post Doctoral Associate AC
Kessey Cham Lab Coord
Wing Yi Chan Assistant Professor
Charles Chang Professor, Adjunct
Rebekah Chapman Lecturer
Munira Charania Limited Term Faculty
Benoit Chassaing Assistant Professor
Arpana Chaudhary Post Doctoral Associate AC
Yanyi Chen Acad Professional
Guantao Chen Professor
Fengsheng Chen Staff, Piano Technician
Guantao Chen Professor
Siyao Cheng Post Doctoral Associate AC
David Cheshier Director, Creative Media Industries Institute
Hsin Chien Post Doctoral Associate AC
Patrek Chikwanda Lecturer
Kuk Jeong Chin Associate Professor
Han-Ting Chou Post Doctoral Associate AC
Rosalind Chou Assistant Professor
Edward Christie Assistant Professor
Angela Christie Senior Lecturer & Associate Director of Lower Division Studies
Tyler Cieplowski Graduate Assistant
Mr. Joseph Clanton Technology Coordinator
Krista Clark Part-Time Instructor
Sumayah Clark Administrative Specialist
Antoinne Clay Part-Time Instructor
Ann Claycombe Director of Communications
Emory Clements Part Time Instructor, Double Bass
Richard Clement Associate Professor, Voice
Tania Maxwell Clements Senior Lecturer, Viola and Violin
Kimberly Cleveland Associate Professor
Robert Clewley Assistant Professor
Eileen Cohen Cognitive Dev Spec
Lindsey Cohen Professor
Rachelle Cohen Lecturer, Senior
Andrew Jason Cohen Associate Professor
Andrew I. Cohen Associate Professor
Hope Cohn Part-Time Instructor
Susan Coleman Administrative Specialist - Academic
W. Dwight Coleman Professor, Voice
Earnestine Collier Business Mgr III
Terence Collis Dept Tech Mgr
Joan M. Comar Lecturer, Senior
Mary Holder Conklin Post Doctoral Associate
Robin Conner Lecturer
Beth Conner Admin Asst
David Connors Limited Term Lecturer
Susan Conrad Assoc Professor, Adjunct
Christopher Conway Associate Professor
Sarah Cook Professor
Lauren Cooper Administrative Specialist, Admin ,
Christopher Cornelison Post Doctoral Associate AC
Viviana Cortes Associate Professor
Robert Cortes HR Coordinator
John Cossar Limited Term Faculty
Kelli Couch Graduate Assistant
Daniel Cox Associate Professor
Edward Cox Lecturer
Tracy Crayton Admin Coord
Lori Creeley Instructor, Adjunct
Bram Creighton Staff, Production Manager
Daniel Crenshaw Physics & Astronomy and Professor
Diedra Crockett Business Manager
Ryan Crooks Associate Professor
Scott Crossley Associate Professor
Bruce Crosson Professor
Sidney Crow Acting Chair
Mary Alice Crowe-Taylor Lecturer, Visiting
Francisco Cruz Senior Academic Professional
Ningren Cui Rsch Scientist II
Xin Cui Post Doctoral Associate AC
Jianmei Cui Acad Professional
Alexander Cummings Assistant Professor
Leslie Currah Administrative Coordinator, Sr.
Leslie Currah Administrative Coordinator, Sr.
Kristina Curry Limited Term Faculty
Gennady Cymbalyuk Associate Professor
Meredith D’Arienzo Limited Term Faculty
Lara Saville Dahl Senior Lecturer, Oboe
Chaofeng Dai Rsch Scientist I
Dajun Dai Associate Professor
Jerome Daltrozzo Post Doctoral Associate AC
Krishna Damera Post Doctoral Associate AC
Robert Daniel Accountant III
Kim Darnell Lecturer, Senior
James Darsey Professor
Nika Daryooni Academic Advisor
Melanie Davenport Associate Professor
Denise Davidson Professor
Tomeka Davis Assistant Professor
Mark Davis Instructor, Adjunct
Patricia Davis Assistant Professor
Marni Davis Associate Professor ,
Sarita Davis Assistant Professor
Geert de Vries Professor ,
Natalie Deckard Limited Term Faculty
John Decker Associate Professor
Elena del Río Parra Professor
Nickitas Demos Professor, Composition
Youping Deng Assoc Professor, Adjunct
Timothy Denning Associate Professor
Heidi Denzel de Tirado Associate Professor
Joanne Deocampo Post Doctoral Associate AC
Daniel M. Deocampo CAS Associate Dean of Faculty Advancement
Charles Derby Professor, Regents ,
Timothy Dever Lab Asst
Mukeshwar Dhamala Associate Professor
Abasaheb Dhawane Post Doctoral Associate AC
Mónica Díaz Associate Professor
Robert Dickson Instructor, Jazz Bass
Jeremy Diem Associate Professor
Nikolaus Dietz Professor
Joy Dillard Sponsor Funded - Executive
Chad Dillard Assistant Vice President of Development
Richard Dix Professor
Patricia Dixon Associate Professor
Dabney Dixon Professor / Biochemistry / STEM Director
Stephen Dobranski Distinguished Professor and Director of Undergraduate Studies
Erdogan Dogdu Asst Professor, Adjunct
Kathleen Doig Emerita, Professor
Doluwarawatta Doluweera Lecturer
Craig Dongoski Professor
Urmi Doshi Sponsored Funded Professional
Vonetta Dotson Associate Professor
Bone Drake Administrative Coordinator
Anthony Craig Drennen Associate Professor
Zhenming Du Research Scientist, Senior
Tammie Dudley Administrative Specialist - Academic
John S. Duffield Professor ,
Shanetha Duggar Accountant II
Shanetha Dugger Accountant II
Boying Dun Post Doctoral Associate AC
Erin-Elizabeth Durham Part-Time Instructor
Ruth Dusseault Part-Time Instructor
Sandra Dwyer Principal Senior Lecturer
Lindsey Eckert Assistant Professor
Leslie Edwards Lecturer, Senior
William Edmundson Professor ,
Genevieve Edwards Program Mgr
Donald Edwards Emeritus, Professor , ,
Zehava Eichenbaum Associate Professor
Helen Eidson Manager, Editorial & Productn
Carmen Eilertson Lecturer, Senior
Hanan El-Mayas Lecturer, Senior
Preston Elder Clinical Psychologist
W. Crawford Elliott Associate Professor
James Emshoff Emeritus, Assoc Professor
Ann England Learning Services Coordinator / Visual Resource Center
Luther Enloe Part Time Instructor, Guitar
Brett Esaki Assistant Professor
Glenn Eskew Professor ,
Rolando Estrada Assistant Professor
John Evans Lecturer
Theodore Evans Sponsored Funded Administrativ
Michael Evans Lecturer , ,
Jani Faison Business Manager
Elizabeth Falconi Visiting Professor
Ning Fang Associate Professor
Irving Fannell Instructor, Adjunct
Andrew Fanoe Lecturer
Rachael Farah-Abraham Post Doctoral Associate AC ,
Abdelbasset Farahat Post Doctoral Associate AC
Oluyemi Farinu Graduate Assistant
Cynthia Farnell Gallery Director and Senior Academic Professional
Christopher Farrington Rsch Tech III
Derek Faust Shop Technician
Alexander Fedorov Department Technology Manager
Mario Feit Associate Professor ,
Ian Ferguson Professor, Adjunct
Héctor Fernández-L’Hoeste Professor
Nilmi Fernando Lecturer
Chadi Filfili Proj Mgr ,
Steffan Finnegan Lecturer
Renging B. Firat Assistant Professor ,
Travis Fischer Post Doctoral Associate AC
Michael Fix Assistant Professor , ,
William Fleming Visiting Faculty
Tim Flemming Lecturer
Ian Fletcher Associate Professor
Michelle Florence Graduate Assistant
Timothy Flowers Lecturer, Senior
Michael Floyd Limited Term Faculty
Nancy Floyd Professor
Larkin Ford Graduate Assistant
Nancy Forger Professor
Jack Foster Lab Coord
David Frackenpohl Instructor, Jazz Guitar
Gladys M. Francis Assistant Professor
Jill Frank Lecturer
Daniel P. Franklin Associate Professor ,
Kyle Frantz Professor ,
Martin Fraser Emeritus, Professor
Carrie P. Freeman Associate Professor
Carroll Freeman Valerie Adams Distinguished Professor in Opera
Patrick Freer Professor, Music Education
Ted Friedman Associate Professor
Eric Friginal Director of International Programs
Gwen Frishkoff Assistant Professor
Allen Fromherz Associate Professor
Yuki Fujioka Associate Professor
Harcourt Fuller Assistant Professor
Wes Funderburk Part Time Instructor, Jazz Trombone
Susan Furman Clinical Psychologist, Psych Clinic
Susan Furman Clinical Psychologist, Psych Clinic
Belinda Futrell Business Mgr I
Janet Gabler-Hover Professor
Giovanni Gadda Professor
Julia Gaffield Assistant Professor
Lynee Gaillet Professor & Chair
Denis Gainty Assistant Professor
Jacquelyn Gaither Staff
Shital Gaitonde Clinical Psychologist
Shital Gaitonde Clinical Psychologist
Michael Galchinsky Professor
Christos Galileas Associate Professor, Violin
Sergio Gallo Associate Professor, Piano Performance and Pedagogy
Deborah Garfin Lecturer, Senior
Pallavi Garg Asst Professor Research
Paula Garrett-Rucks Associate Professor
Meta Gary Part-Time Instructor
Mathew Gayman Assistant Professor
Debbie George-Jones Limited Term Faculty
Stuart Gerber Professor, Percussion
Markus Germann Professor
Sarah Allen Gershon Associate Professor ,
Andrew Gewirtz Assoc Chair
Alicia Gholar Senior Administrative Coordinator
Douglas Gies Professor, Regents
Eric Gilbert Associate Professor
Ralph Gilbert Professor
Maria Gindhart Associate Professor
Katie Gleason Lecturer, Visiting
Olga Glebova Lecturer
Jeffrey Glover Associate Professor
Ciara Smalls Glover Associate Professor
Hélène Goarzin Visiting Scholar , ,
Louise Gobron Lecturer, Senior
Candice Goerger Rsch Assoc II
Steven Golden Equipment Mechanic
Felicia Goldstein Assoc Professor, Adjunct
Adrienne Gonzalez Business Mgr III
Christopher Goode Lecturer, Senior ,
Audrey Goodman Assoc Chair
Elizabeth Goulette Lecturer
Samer Gozem Assistant Professor
George Graham Professor
Rita Graham Part Time Instructor, Vocal Jazz
Sandy Graham Lecturer, Visiting
Barry Grant Facil Use Coord
Richard Grant Asst Professor, Adjunct
Kathryn Grant Professor
Sakinah Grant Staff Assistant
Jeneille Grant Administrative Specialist / Undergraduate Coordinator
Christopher Green Instructor, Adjunct
Terry Green Professor, Adjunct
Oliver Greene Associate Professor, Music History and Ethnomusicology
Susanna Greer Associate Professor
Doug Grimmett Part-Time Instructor
Davin Grindstaff Lecturer, Senior
Mark Grinshpon Lecturer, Senior
Matthew Grober Associate Professor
Tamara Gross Administrative Coordinator, Se
Lynn Grosvenor Asst Professor, Adjunct
John Grove Part Time Instructor, Bassoon
Anita Grover Clinical Psychologist
Larry Grubbs Lecturer, Senior
Jeannie Grussendorf Lecturer, Senior ,
Emanuela Guano Associate Professor
Glenn Gunhouse Lecturer, Senior
Weiwei Guo Limited Term Lecturer
Bharat Gurale Post Doctoral Associate AC
Stephanie Gutzler Lab Coord
Elvira Guzman Post Doctoral Associate AC
Beth Gylys Professor
John Haberlen Professor Emeritus
Joseph Hadden Graduate Assistant
Lakeisha Hairston Admin Coord
Sabrina Hall Academic Advisor I
Frank Hall Professor
Donald Hamelberg Associate Professor
Kathy Hancock Assoc Professor, Adjunct
Katherine Hankins Interim Department Chair
Charles Hankla Associate Professor ,
Vicky Hanning Administrative Coordinator
Donald Harden Instructor
Jeremiah Harden Lecturer
Janie Hardman Educational Program Specialist
Jack Hardy Lecturer, Visiting
Emily Hardy Graduate Program Coordinator
Michael Harker Associate Professor
Stacey Harrell Grants and Contracts Officer III
Jennifer Harris Accountant III
Robert Harrison Professor
Nicole Harsch Limited Term Faculty
Kathryn Hartgrove Associate Professor, Voice
Christie Hartley Associate Professor
Isra Hassan Administrative Coordinator
Gary Hastings Associate Professor
Laura Hastings Lecturer, Senior
Laura Hastings Lecturer, Senior
Anthony Hatch Assistant Professor
Geoffrey Haydon Professor, Piano
Maya Hayes Limited Term Faculty
Jamie Hayes Senior Administrative Coordinator
Kiauhna Haynes Sponsored Funded Administrativ
Dawn Haynie Assistant Professor
Xiaochun He Professor
Pamela Heard HR Coord A&S
Scott Heath Assistant Professor
Maged Henary Assistant Professor
Christopher Henrich Professor
Todd Henry Distinguished University Profe
Louis Henry Instructor
Michael Herb Professor , ,
Jonathan Herman Associate Professor
Marta Hess Business Mgr III
Mace Hibbard Part Time Instructor, Jazz Saxophone
Paulo J. Hidalgo-Odio Lecturer
James Hill Instructor, Adjunct
Rashon Hill Instructor, Adjunct
Kristy Hill Admin Spec, Acad
Julia Hilliard Professor
James Hirsh Professor
Chu-Ngi Ho Lecturer
Maurice Hobson Assistant Professor
Mary Hocks Associate Professor & Director of the Writing Studio
Cynthia Hoffner Professor
John W Holman Professor
Lyshandra Holmes Grants Specialist
Ashley Holmes Assistant Professor
William Hopkins Professor
John Horgan Professor ,
Lindsey Hornsby College Research Officer
David Horslev Part-Time Instructor
John Houghton Associate Professor
Julia House Lecturer, Visiting
Lori Howard Manager, Editorial & Production
Robert Howard Professor , ,
Ying-Hsin Hsieh Post Doctoral Associate AC
Kevin Hsieh Associate Professor ,
Frank Hsu Emeritus, Professor
Laixing Hu Rsch Scientist I
Xiaolin Hu Associate Professor
Zhen Huang Professor
Tameka Hudson Std Affairs Opers Spec
Hugh Hudson Professor, Regents
Tracy Huerta Sponsored Funded Administrativ
Robin Huff Lecturer, Senior
Kim Huhman Professor ,
Anita Husen Limited Term Faculty
Ivaylo Ivanov Assistant Professor
Ivaylo Ivanov Associate Professor / Computational Chemistry
Suri S. Iyer Associate Professor
Robin Jackson Admin Spec, Acad
Stephen Jacobson Lecturer, Senior
Vanessa Jagodinsky Part-Time Instructor
Samantha Jakobeit Administrative Specialist
Tim Jansa Business Manager
Jillian Jantosciak Business Manager I
Wei-Chun Jao Sponsored Funded Professional
Marie Jarra Grants and Contracts Officer II
Kyle Jenkins Part Time Instructor, Theory
Kaili Ji Post Doctoral Associate AC
Xingyue Ji Post Doctoral Associate AC
Jonathan Shihao Ji Associate Professor
Chun Jiang Professor
Ping Jiang Rsch Tech IV
Yi Jiang Associate Professor
Jie Jiang Lecturer, Visiting
Jennifer Jiles Instructor
Jinshan Jin Post Doctoral Associate AC
Xin Jin Post Doctoral Associate AC
Barbara Johns Lab Coordinator
Nicholas Johnson Rsch Tech I
Jeffrey Johnson Lecturer
Pamela Johnson Administrative Coordinator, Se
Casonya Johnson Associate Professor
Elisabeth Remy Johnson Part Time Instructor, Harp
Terrance Johnson PC Systems Specialist Intermediate
Andreea Johnson Academic Advisor
Eldred Jones Lab Asst
Moneka Jones Limited Term Office/Clerical
Steve Jones Instructor, Music Management
Jess Jones Assistant Professor
Sheri Joseph Associate Professor
Deanna Joseph Associate Professor, Director of Choral Activities
Gladys Jouline Assistant Professor
Andrea Jurjevic Lecturer
Nadine Kabengi Assistant Professor ,
Benjamin Kail Assistant Professor
Joyce Kane Academic Advisor II
Sang-Moo Kang Professor
Mary Karom Lab Supervisor
Sophie Kartochian Lecturer
David Katz Visiting Professor ,
Paul Katz Professor, Adjunct
Parjit Kaur Professor
Richard Keatley Assistant Professor
Sarah Kegley Lecturer
Mark Keil Professor
Ashleigh Kellerman Sponsored Funded Administrativ
Candace Kemp Associate Professor
Scott Keniley Part Time Instructor, Music Management
G. Davon Kennedy Associate Professor
Gwendolyn Kenny Admin Spec, Acad
Tracy Kerr Lecturer
Lawrence M. Kiage Associate Professor and Graduate Program Director
Jacqueline Kiefel Asst Professor, Adjunct
Gyewon Kim Assistant Professor
Jung Kim Lecturer, Senior
Kyung-Mi Kim Staff, Collaborative Pianist
YouJin Kim Associate Professor
Doreen Kincaid Sr. Administrative Coordinator, Se
Tiffany King Assistant Professor
K. N. King Emeritus, Assoc Professor
Dave King Part-Time Instructor
Linda King Associate Director
Tricia King Professor ,
Kedayne King Administrative Specialist / Graduate Coordinator
Kimberly Kleiber Limited Term Faculty
Heather Kleider-Offutt Associate Professor
Scott Kleinmann Senior Research Associate
Eric Kleist Lecturer, Visiting
Brian Kloppenborg Sponsored Funded Professional
Gayle Knight Sponsored Funded Administrativ
Christopher Kocela Associate Professor
Walter Koch Project Director
Stephanie Kolply Part-Time Instructor
Miriam Konrad Lecturer, Senior
Claire Kooy Business Manager , ,
Kathryn Kozaitis Anthropology and Associate Professor
Alexander Kozhanov Assistant Professor
Tatiana Kozhanova Limited Term Faculty
Donna Krache Lecturer
Wulf-Dieter Krenz Rsch Scientist I
Juliana Kubala Lecturer, Senior
Clifford Kuhn Associate Professor
Arvind Kumar Rsch Scientist I
Jac Kuntz PR Coordinator
Jac Kuntz PR Coordinator
Gabriel Kuperminc Professor
Rachel Kuzio de Naray Assistant Professor
Eduardo La Luz Asst Professor, Adjunct
Barbara Ladd Professor, Adjunct
William Lake Limited Term Faculty
Margaret Lamb Limited Term Faculty
Robert Land Limited Term Faculty
Yanfeng Lao Sponsored Funded Professional
Hamed Laroui Assistant Professor
L Margareta Larsson Lecturer, Senior
Nadia Latif Assistant Professor ,
Timothy Latour Associate Professor(retired)
Annie Latta Graduate Communications Manager
Robert Latzman Associate Professor ,
Richard Laub Lecturer, Senior
Basirat Lawal Business Manager
Suzann Lawry Clinical Psychologist
Susan Lawry Clinical Psychologist, Psych Clinic
Michelle Laxalt Graduate Assistant
Jeffrey Lazarus Associate Professor ,
Éric Le Calvez Professor
Juana Leary Business Manager
Brian LeCroix Lecturer
Ji-Yun Lee Asst Professor Research
Nuni Lee Graduate Assistant
Hakyoon Lee 이 학 윤 Lecturer
Pamela Leintz Staff, Administrative Secretary
Anthony (Tony) Lemieux Director ,
Danica Lempert Associate to the Director
Sebastien Lepine Associate Professor
Amanda Letaw Front Office Main Reception
Stephanie Lewis Admin Coord
Kelly M. Lewis Assistant Professor
Kelly Lewis Assistant Professor
Philip Lewis Professor
Jian-Dong Li Professor
Guoqing Li Post Doctoral Associate AC
ShanShan Li Post Doctoral Associate AC
Xiaoli Li Lecturer, Visiting
Lei Li Rsch Scientist I
Tiehai Li Post Doctoral Associate AC
Zhongshan Li Professor
Keqin Li Lecturer, Visiting
Hongmei Li Assistant Professor ,
Wei Li Assistant Professor
Yingshu Li Associate Professor
Shuai Li (郦帅) Associate Professor ,
Hollie Lifshey Assistant Professor, Trumpet
Sharee Light Assistant Professor ,
Scott Lightsey Associate Professor
Justin Lilly Executive Associate and Dean’s Communications
Stephanie Lindemann Associate Professor
Peter Lindsay Associate Professor , ,
Greg Lisby Professor
Yuan Liu Associate Professor
Zhi-Ren Liu Professor
Yunpeng Liu Post Doctoral Associate AC
Aimin Liu Professor
Hui Liu Acad Professional
Hui Liu Acad Professional
Raúl Llorente Lecturer, Senior
Douglas Locke Instructor, Adjunct
Deb Loden Administrative Specialist
Christopher Long Dept Tech Coord
Kenneth Long Associate Professor, Clarinet
William “Bill” Long Professor ,
Yuan Long Lecturer
Pamela Longobardi Distinguished University Professor / Professor of Art - Drawing, Painting, Printmaking
Nicole Lopanik Assistant Professor
Elizabeth Lopez Associate Professor
Wilson Lovett Admin Spec, Curriculum
Raquel Lowe Staff Assistant
Chung-Dar Lu Professor
Ming Luo Professor
Ruiyan Luo Assistant Professor
Cheng Ma Post Doctoral Associate AC
Eman Maamoun Instructor
Angela Mabb Assistant Professor
Stephen Macciocchi Asst Professor, Adjunct
Karon Mackey Administrative Coordinator, Se
Lynn Mahovsky Liaison ,
Randy Malamud Regents' Professor
Md Mamunur College/Division Analyst
Kebina Manandhar Lecturer
Lareecia Mance Admin Coord
Tony Mangle Public Relations
Ramesh Mani Professor
William Mann Assistant Professor, Trombone
Carrie Manning Professor ,
Steven Manson Professor, Regents
Victoria Mariani Lecturer
Leslie Marsh Associate Professor
Carol Marsh-Lockett Associate Professor
Amani Marshall Lecturer
Daniel Marshall Lecturer
Peter Marshall Academic Professional, Piano
Adrienne Martin Business Manager II
Ida Martinez Assistant Professor
Elham Masoudi Graduate Assistant
Susan Massey-Connolly Clinical Psychologist
Scott Matthews Lecturer
Robert Maxwell Senior Academic Professional
Preston May Dept Tech Mgr
Samuel Mayberry Instrument Maker
Mizuki Mazzotta Instructor
George Mbeh Fee Based
Audrey McCauley PC Systems Specialist
Kathryn McClymond Associate Dean for Faculty Development
T.C. McConnell Staff, Director of Band Operations
Jerria McCoy Academic Advisor I
Jennifer McCoy Distinguished University Professor of Political Science ,
Colleen McEdwards Lecturer
Mark McFarland Associate Professor, Theory
Ben Mcgimsey Lecturer
Pearl Mchaney Kenneth M. England Professor of Southern Literature & Director of CENCIA
Laura G. McKee Assistant Professor
Melissa McLeod Lecturer, Senior
John McMillian Associate Professor
Donna McRae Graduate Teaching Assistant
Adam McTighe Lecturer, Visiting
Leslie Meadows Acad Professional
John Medlock Assistant Dean for Academic Success
Hugo Méndez-Ramírez Associate Professor
Charles Menzel Research Scientist, Senior
Alison Mercer Director of Development
Michelle Mercier-DeShon Visiting Lecturer, General Music
Ariel Merivil Part Time Instructor, Choral Activities
Didier Merlin Professor
Candice Merritt Academic Advisor II
Doug Metcalfe Professor
Brian K. Meyer Lecturer
Marian Meyers Professor
Andrea Mezencevova Lab Coord
Maurice Middleton Professor, Adjunct
Brent Milam Part Time Instructor, Theory and Composition
Melody Milbrandt Professor
Frank Miller Lecturer, Senior
Randy Miller Lecturer
Quanda Miller Business Mgr I
Benjamin Miller Assistant Professor of 
English and Communication; 
Co-Director, Second Century Initiative in New and Emerging Media
Valerie Miller Associate Professor
Valerie Miller Associate Professor
Dr. Richard Milligan Assistant Professor
Xiaoyi Min Assistant Professor
Xiaoyi Min Assistant Professor
Chivon Mingo Assistant Professor
Kendall Minter Part Time Instructor, Music Management
James Mitchell Web Designer
Yaroslav Molkov Associate Professor ,
Yaroslav Molkov Associate Professor
S. Rene Mondy Assistant Director; Dean’s Student Liaison
Mariana Montiel Associate Professor
Mariana Montiel Associate Professor
Jiha Moon Part-Time Instructor
Robert Moore Instructor, Adjunct
Greg Moore Assistant Professor ,
Suazette Reid Mooring Assistant Professor
Oscar Moreno Lecturer, Senior
Jennifer Craft Morgan Assistant Professor
Robin Morris Professor, Regents ,
Angie Morton-Smith Business Mgr II
Fred Mote Assistant Dean for Administration and Finance
Magdalena Moulson Senior Lecturer, Voice
Monique Moultrie Assistant Professor
Pamela Moye Lecturer, Adjunct
Martha Mukasa Administrative Coordinator
Krthik Mula Web Developer, Intermediate
Nagaraju Mulpuri Post Doctoral Associate AC
John Murphy Professor
Anne Murphy Associate Professor
Awad A. Younis Mussa Lecturer
Ghulam Nadri Associate Professor ,
Eddy Nahmias Professor
S. Rashid Naim Principal Senior Lecturer ,
Angela Navarro-Eisenstein Lecturer, Senior
Gayle Nelson Emerita, Professor
William Nichols Associate Professor
Dr. Jan Nijmann Distinguished University Professor and Founding Director of the Urban Studies Institute at GSU
Mark Noble Assistant Professor, Director of Literary Studies
Ricardo Nogueira Lecturer
Trish Nolde Language Lab Director
Martin Norgaard Assistant Professor, Music Education ,
Joseph Normandin Lecturer
Laura Norton Lecturer, Senior
Julinda Norton Staff, Administrative Coordinator to the Director
Alisa Norvelle Sponsored Funded Professional
Jennifer Novak Instuctor, Visiting
Matthew Nusnbaum Lecturer
Tim O’Keefe Associate Professor
Deirdre Oakley Associate Professor
Heather Offutt Associate Professor
Trina Olidge Senior Director of Development
Segun Olowofoyeku Part-Time Instructor
Grace Ong Lecturer
Kavita Oommen Lecturer
Nichole Orogun-Thomas Grants and Contracts Officer II
Remus Osan Assistant Professor
Brandon Otwell Sponsored Funded Professional ,
Phillip Owen Instructor, Adjunct
G. Scott Owen Emeritus, Professor
Şeyda Özçalışkan Associate Professor
Lisa Page Business Mgr III
Maryam Palizgir Graduate Assistant
Sarah Pallas Professor ,
Erin Palmer Staff, Collaborative Pianist
Michael Palmer Charles Thomas Wurm Distinguished Professor of Orchestral Studies
Yi Pan Biology, Acting Chair and Acting Associate Dean ,
Yi Pan Regents Professor and Chair
Luke Pangle Assistant Professor
Faidra Papavasiliou Lecturer, Senior
Faidra Papavasiliou Lecturer, Senior
Marise Parent Professor ,
Jessica Parilla Lecturer
Robyn Pariser Limited Term Faculty
Samantha Parks Lecturer
Dominic Parrott Professor
Kay Paschal Lecturer, Voice
Joanne Paschall Part-Time Instructor
Keith Osbourne Pascoe Principal Senior Lecturer
Jennifer Patico Associate Professor
Gabor Patonay Professor
Irina Patrusheva Rsch Scientist I ,
Carmela Pattillo Advisement Coordinator
Janet Patton Director
John Patton Facilities Coordinator
Ananya Paul Rsch Scientist I
Ann Pavlik College HR Coordinator Senior (Faculty)
Gerard Pendrick Lecturer
Liang Peng Professor
Joseph Peragine Professor
Unil Perera Professor, Regents
Juan Perez-Vallejo Limited Term Faculty
Julia Perilla Acad Professional
Joseph Perry Associate Professor
Bryan Perry Graduate Assistant
Lauren Peterson Lecturer, Visiting
Aras Petrulis Associate Professor ,
Chester Phillips Associate Professor, Associate Director of Bands
George Pierce Professor
Lee M Pierce Lecturer
Daniel Pimentel-Alarcón Assistant Professor
Celena Pittman Administrative Coordinator
Richard Plemper Professor
Lindsay Podrid Part-Time Instructor
Rob Poh Technologist ,
Jared Poley Associate Professor
Bentley Ponder Part-Time Instructor
Therese Poole Lecturer, Senior
Gregory Poon Associate Professor
Andrei Popa Limited Term Faculty
Peter Powell Limited Term Faculty
Shawn Powers Assistant Professor
Sushil Prasad Professor
Cora Presley Associate Professor
Jefanda Price Academic Advisor
Yuronita Priest Data Administrator Intermediat ,
John Prince Graduate Assistant
Esther Prince Administrative Specialist – Managerial (office manager)
Jason Puckett Assistant Professor
Surendra Punganuru Post Doctoral Associate AC
Danielle Purvis Sponsored Funded Professional
Aaron Putt Graduate Assistant
Xin Qi Assistant Professor
Jingjuan Qiao Post Doctoral Associate AC
Gengsheng (Jeff) Qin Professor
Jingyao Qu Post Doctoral Associate AC
Mariam Qureshi Academic and Professional Development Manager
Gilad Rabinovitch Assistant Professor, Music Theory
Alessandra Raengo Associate Professor
Babak Rahbarinia Lecturer
Mamunur Rahman College Analyst
George Rainbolt Professor
Jay Rajiva Assistant Professor
Balasubramaniam Ramesh Interim Chair and Board of Advisors Professor
Rasha Ramzy Lecturer, Senior
Sebastian Rand Associate Professor
M. Veena Rao Professor, Adjunct
Gigi B. Ray Principal Senior Lecturer
Fernando Reati Professor
Amy Reber Lecturer
E. Shyam Reddy Professor, Adjunct
Sandra Reed Senior Administrative Assistant
Vincent Rehder Associate Professor
Lesley Reid Professor
Amy Reid Staff, Community Music Programs Supervisor
Kim Reimann Associate Professor ,
Andrew Reisinger Business Mgr I
Donald Reitzes Associate Dean for Social and Behavioral Sciences and Professor
Olga Remick Lecturer, Visiting
Timothy Renick Professor
Maria Repnikova Assistant Professor
Angelo Restivo Associate Professor
Christopher Rex Part Time Instructor, Cello
Carlos Reyes Ortiz Limited Term Faculty
Douglas Reynolds Professor ,
Venette Rice Administrative Coordinator
Leeanne Richardson Associate Professor
Sean Richey Associate Professor ,
Susan Richmond Associate Professor
Marilynn Richtarik Professor
Matthew Rinehart Part-Time Instructor
Matthew Rinehart Part-Time Instructor
Rebecca Rizzo Lecturer, Senior
Abdur Rob Sponsored Funded Professional
Chandan Robbins Acad Professional
James Roberts Lecturer, Senior
John Roberts Lecturer, Visiting
Thomas Robilotto Lab Coord
Daniel Robin Associate Professor
Diana Robins Associate Professor
Katherine Rockwell Lab Coord
Victoria Rodrigo Associate Professor
Luciana Rodrigues Lecturer
Gail Rodriguez-Pinckney Staff, Public Relations Coordinator
Ute Römer Assistant Professor
James Rogers Clinical Psychologist ,
Hal Rogers Director, Psychology Clinic
Mary Rolinson Lecturer, Senior
MaryAnn Romski Department of Communication (Joint Appointments in Psychology, Educational Psychology & Special Education) Director, Center for Research on Atypical Development and Learning (CRADL) Member, Developmental Psychology Program Associate Dean for Social & Behavioral Sciences, College of Arts and Sciences
Aaron Roseberry Assistant Professor
Sara Rosen Dean Academic
T. John Rosen Assoc Professor, Adjunct
Kyla Ross Acad Professional
Mickey Ross Instructor, Adjunct
Amy Ross Post Doctoral Associate AC
Matthew Roudané Regents' Professor
Jacqueline Rouse Associate Professor
Barbara Rouse PC Systems Specialist Lead
Matt Rowles Digital Media Coordinator
Kelvin Rozier Lecturer
Teresa Rucker Administrative Specialist-Managerial
Erin Ruel Associate Professor
Duane Rumbaugh Emeritus, Professor
Louis Ruprecht Professor
Heather Russel Associate Director of Creative Writing, Assistant to the Director of Undergraduate Studies, Administrative Specialist--Student Affairs.
James Russell Limited Term Faculty
Nancy Russell Instructl Lab Asst II
Jamie Russell Sponsored Funded Professional
Joshua Russell Professor
Maura Ryan Lecturer
Vitaly Ryu Research Scientist, Senior
Adam Safer Lecturer
Akira Sakurai Rsch Scientist II
Jozef Salon Post Doctoral Associate AC
Saturday Sam Grants and Contracts Officer II
Claudia Sanabria Lab Tech I
Randy Sandberg Asst Dir,Sfty Maint/VIral Lab
Shannon Sanders Assistant Director (CAS), University Advisement Center
Durrender Sanders Senior Coordinator
Sutandra Sarkar Senior Academic Professional
Murad Sarsour Assistant Professor
Anthony Savage Instructor, Adjunct
Kenneth Sayers Post Doctoral Associate AC
Andrea Scarantino Associate Professor
Gail Schaefer Rsch Scientist I
Renee Schatteman Associate Professor
Kenneth Schiano PC Systems Specialist Assistan
Sheldon Schiffer Professor
Carmen Schlig Associate Professor
Paul Schmidt Associate Professor
Manfred Schmidt Acad Professional
Lauren Schmuck Sponsored Funded Professional
Chad Schone Lab Coord
Susanne Schorpp Assistant Professor , ,
Gordon Schuett Asst Professor, Adjunct
Franco Scinicariello Part-Time Instructor
Nicholas Scott Rsch Tech III
Diane Sealey Front Office Main Reception
Curtis Sears Emeritus, Assoc Professor
David Sehat Associate Professor
Jacob Selwood Associate Professor
Ellen Semple College HR Coordinator Senior (Temp PTI and Grad Assistants)
Hyuk-Kyu Seoh Rsch Scientist I
Charles Settle Part Time Instructor, Percussion
Rose Sevcik Professor, Regents
Megan Sexton Academic Professional & Co-editor, Five Points
Sharon Shahaf Assistant Professor ,
Shahab A. Shamsi Professor
Lisa Shannon Limited Term Faculty
Nicola Sharratt Assistant Professor
Elizabeth Sheehan Lecturer, Senior
Richard Sheffield Asst Professor, Adjunct
Lisa Shepard Undergaduate Academic Coordinator
Paul Sherrill Visiting Lecturer, Theory
Hang Shi Associate Professor
Wei Shi Rsch Tech IV ,
Masaki Shibata Limited Term Faculty
Andrey Shilnikov Professor ,
Shamieca Shine Program Manager
Anne B. Shlay Professor ,
Jacob Shreckengost Lecturer
Jennifer Siegler Lecturer, Visiting
Robert Simmons Program Dir
Marina Simms Grants and Contracts Officer II
Wendy Simonds Professor
Megan Sinnott Associate Professor
Pavel Skums Assistant Professor
Melissa Skye Business Manager
Ryan Sleeth PC Support Specialist
David Smart Staff, Admissions and Enrollment Coordinator
Alexandra Smirnova Professor
Cassandra Smith Admin Coord
Kenneth Smith Limited Term Faculty
Jerry C. Smith Associate Professor
Kerodna W. Smith Receptionist
Greg Smith Professor
David Smith Professor
Reiner Smolinski Professor
Karin Smoot Academic Advisor II
Jason Snape Lecturer
Debra Snell Lecturer, Senior
Malinda Snow Associate Professor
Chi-Sun Song Lecturer
Jing Song Rsch Scientist I
Paula Sorrell Business Mgr III
Vincent Speaks Grants and Contracts Officer III
Leslie Spencer Part-Time Instructor
Amy Spring Assistant Professor
Alexander Spring Post Doctoral Associate AC
Richard Stafford Limited Term Faculty
Harrison Stalvey Lecturer, Visiting
Ruth Stanford Associate Professor
Amanda Starrick Lecturer, Senior
Charles Steffen Professor
Amy Steigerwalt Associate Professor , ,
Keneé Stephens Project Coordinator
Javier E. Stern Professor
Doug Stevens Lecturer, Music Education
Sheadrick Stevenson College Finance Officer
Michael Stewart Associate Professor
Roland Stewart IT Specialist
Faye Stewart Associate Professor
John Stewart Graduate Retention and Progression Manager
Marilyn Stiggers Front Office Manager
Brenda Stith Business Affairs Coord
Pamela Stitt Grants and Contracts Officer II
Mark Stockman Professor
Bronislava Stockman Rsch Tech IV
Elizabeth Stoehr Admin Spec, Curriculum
Leon Stokesbury Associate Professor
Mindy Stombler Lecturer, Senior
Veda C. Storey Professor
Julie Stowell Lab Coordinator
Lucjan Strekowski Emeritus, Professor
Elizabeth Strickler DAEL Associate Director
Mikhail Stroev Acad Professional
Elina Stroeva Lecturer
Harper Strom Administrative Coordinator, Se
Mary E. Stuckey Professor
Todd Studebaker Production Manager, University Theatre
Judit Sturmann Rsch Scientist II
Laszlo Sturmann Research Scientist, Senior
Jelena Subotic Associate Professor ,
Jelena Subotic Associate Professor
Matthew Sugarman Professor
Katharine Suma Rsch Coord II
Marie Sumner Lott Associate Professor, Music History and Literature
Shi-Yong Sun Professor, Adjunct
Raj Sunderraman Professor
Peter Swanson Professor
Ashlyn Swartout Lecturer
Kevin Swartout Associate Professor
Bobbi Sweeney Part-Time Instructor
Laura Szymanski Post Doctoral Associate AC
Tomasz Tabako Assistant Professor
Phang-Cheng Tai Professor, Regents
Atieh Tajik Lab Coordinator
Yuki Takatori Associate Professor
Susan Talburt Professor
James Taylor College Business Services Officer
Leonard Teel Professor ,
Theo Ten Brummelaar Assoc Dir, CHARA
Wesley Terpstra Lecturer, Visiting
Carla Terry Mapp Part-Time Instructor/ Instructor of Chemistry
Griff Tester Assistant Professor
William Thacker Accountant III
Constance Thalken Associate Professor
Krithian Thomas Business Affairs Coord, RCLD ,
Nichole Thomas Grants and Contracts Officer III
Felicia Thomas Administrative Specialist, Admin ,
Calvin Thomas Professor
Justin Thompson Academic Advisor (90+ hours): Anthropology, History, Psychology (N-Z)
Justin Thompson Academic Advisor (90+ hours): Anthropology, Geosciences, History, Psychology (K-Z)
Robert Thompson Professor, Composition and Music Technology
Brian Thoms Assoc Chair
Judd Thornton Assistant Professor ,
Jyotsna Thota Lecturer, Senior
Elizabeth Throop Associate Professor
Elizabeth Tighe Assistant Professor
W. Keith Tims Lecturer
Tirtha Timsina Visiting Professor
Natalie Tindall Associate Professor
Erin Tone Associate Professor
Erin Tone,  Ph.D.                                                 CYARD Collaborating Partner Associate Professor
Tawanna Tookes Graduate Programs Administrator
Dwayne Torres Instrument Maker
Germán Torres Associate Professor
John Tougas Department Technology Manager
Robert Townsend Professor, Adjunct
Jozsef Tozser Professor, Adjunct
Jay Trambadia Part-Time Instructor
Randy Trammell Editorial and Production Coordinator
Tu Tran College Technology Manager
Jeffrey Trask Assistant Professor
Catherine Trugman Lecturer, Visiting
Trudy-Ann Tucker Rsch Scientist II
Erin Tully Associate Professor
Nils Turner Rsch Scientist II
Jessica Turner Associate Professor
Bethany Turner-Livermore Associate Professor
Chantal Tusher Lecturer, Senior
Ethan Tussey Assistant Professor
Leonardo Tyler Information Systems Specialist
Paul Ulrich Lecturer
Akinyele Umoja African-American Studies and Associate Professor
Lela Urquhart Assistant Professor ,
Test User Lecturer, Senior
Birjoo Vaishnav Limited Term Faculty
Vijay K. Vaishnavi Emeritus, Professor
Hein van der Holst Associate Professor
Megan Van Deusen Part-Time Instructor
Chad Van Gorden Graduation and Data Manager
Clare Van Holm Instuctor, Visiting
Neil Van Leeuwen Assistant Professor
Erwin Van Meir Professor, Adjunct
Michael VanDyke Assoc Professor, Adjunct
Justin Varnes Part Time Instructor, Jazz Percussion
Mugdha Vasireddi Post Doctoral Associate AC ,
Pedro Vasquez Academic Professional AC
Barbara Vassell Administrative Coordinator, Psych Clinic ,
Janeth Velasquez Instructor, Adjunct
Wendy Venet Professor
Michelle Ventura Activities Coord
Fabio Vericat Perez-Minguez Professor, Adjunct
Gordon Vernick Professor, Jazz Studies
Draga Vidakovic Professor
Emilie Viennois Post Doctoral Associate AC
Christy Visaggi Lecturer and Undergraduate Program Director
Victoria Voelkel-Sanders Academic Advisor (90+ hours): Computer Science (A-R), Neuroscience,
Niklas Vollmer Associate Professor
Joshua Von Korff Assistant Professor
Paul Voss Associate Professor
Hanh Vu Rsch Tech II
Natal Waddell Admin Spec, Acad
James Wade Limited Term Faculty
Adam Wagner Undergraduate Academic Advisor
Robert Walker Instructor, Adjunct
Peter Walker Mgr, Instrument Shop
Tamera Walls Grants & Contracts Ofcr I
Deborah Walthall Rsch Scientist II
Walter Walthall Associate Professor
James Walton Post Doctoral Associate AC
Ruili Wang Lecturer
Cui Wang Post Doctoral Associate AC
Lixin Wang Sponsored Funded Professional
Yuan Fang Wang Rsch Assoc I
Yiyang Wang Post Doctoral Associate AC
Siming Wang Research Scientist, Senior
Danzhu Wang Lecturer
Gangli Wang Associate Professor
Peng George Wang Professor
Peng George Wang Chemistry Chair / Professor / Georgia Research Alliance Eminent Scholar
Binghe Wang Professor, Regents ,
Frankie Ware Part-Time Instructor
Katie Warner Academic Advisor (90+ hours): BIS, Journalism, Women's Gender and Sexuality Studies
Latesha Warren Admin Spec, Mgr
Ricky Warren Part-Time Instructor
David Washburn Professor
Felicia Watts Business Mgr II
Jon Watts Video Analyst Intermediate
John Way Assistant Professor
Elizabeth Weaver Educ Pgm Spec, Sr
Phillip Webb Creative Media Center Manager
Irene Weber Professor, Regents ,
Larry Webster Site Mgr,CHARA
Andrew Wedeman Professor ,
Michael Weeks Associate Professor
Sara Cushing Weigle Professor
Daniel Weiskopf Associate Professor
Aurum Weiss Asst Professor, Adjunct
Charlene Weiters Admin Asst
Daniel Welborn Assistant Professor, Music Education
Richard Welch Lecturer
Tina West Administrative Coordinator, Se
Elizabeth West Associate Professor
Christina West Associate Professor
Andrea Weyermann Lecturer, Senior
Russel White Associate Professor
Cassandra White Associate Professor
Holbert White PC Systems Specialist Lead
Michael White Art & Design, Director and Associate Professor
Carolyn Whiters Administrative Coordinator, Se
Walter Wilczynski Professor ,
Martin Wildes Research Associate, Senior ,
Mary Wildes Administrative Coordinator, Se ,
Nicholas Wilding Assistant Professor
Holley Wilkin Associate Professor
Patricia Wilkins Associate Professor
Gregory Williams Asst Professor, Adjunct
Jennifer Williams Sponsored Funded Administrativ
Letitia Williams Business Mgr I
Whitney Williams Academic Advisor (90+ hours): Biology (A-C), Mathematics, Psychology (A-C), Sociology (A-F)
Ann E. Williams Associate Professor
Frank Williams Professor
Colleen Williams Senior Administrative Coordinator
Colleen Williams Senior Administrative Coordinator
Tia Williams Administrative Specialist – Academic
Rebecca Williamson Associate Professor
John Wilson Acad Professional
Adam Wilson Assistant Professor
Nicholas Wilson Facil Use Coord
Kathryn Wilson Associate Professor
W. David Wilson Regents' Professor
Eric Wilson Associate Professor
Cynthia Wilson Administrative Specialist-Administrative
Torrez Wilson Conference and Program Services Coordinator
Megan Wilson Lecturer
Lawana Wimberly Instructional Technologist, RCLD
Adia Wingfield Associate Professor
Carol Winkler Professor
Carol Winkler Assoc Dean Acad
Brent Woodfill Visiting Professor
Diana Wrenn Lecturer
Eric Wright Professor
Nwamaka Wright Grants and Contracts Officer II
Michael Wsol Assistant Professor
Rui Wu Post Doctoral Associate AC
Yubao Wu Assistant Professor
Thomas Wubbenhorst Part Time Instructor, Basic Conducting
Haidong Xu Research Scientist, Senior
Bin Xu Senior Academic Professional
Hao Xu Assistant Professor
Bingzhong Xue Associate Professor
Liang Xue Research Scientist, Senior
Saroj Yadav Post Doctoral Associate AC
Yogesh Yadav Post Doctoral Associate AC
Chunli Yan Post Doctoral Associate AC
Zhisheng Yan Assistant Professor
Chun-Kai Yang Post Doctoral Associate AC
Chunhua Yang Post Doctoral Associate AC
Hsiuchin Yang Rsch Scientist I
Jianhua Yang Post Doctoral Associate AC
Jenny J. Yang Professor
Yongwei Yao Associate Professor
Senmei Yao Lecturer
Senmei Yao Lecturer
Xiaojing Ye Assistant Professor
Jason Yeh PC systems Specialist Lead
Chin-Sheng (Jason) Yeh PC Systems Specialist Lead
Jun Yin Associate Professor
Sonja Young Lab Supvsr
Melissa Young Lecturer
Stephanie Young Business Mgr III
Jeffrey Young Lecturer, Senior
Liyang Yu Part-Time Instructor
John Yun Instructor, Adjunct
Mary Zeigler Associate Professor
Alex Zelikovsky Distinguished University Professor
Malcolm Zellars Lecturer, Senior
Heying Zhan Associate Professor
Chen-Yu Zhang Professor, Adjunct
Jin Zhang Post Doctoral Associate AC
Jing Zhang Assistant Professor
Yanqing Zhang Professor
Guohui Zhao Sponsored Funded Professional
Yichuan Zhao Professor
Yi Zhao Professor
Changyong Zhong Lecturer, Senior
Ying Zhu Associate Professor
Kostiantyn Ziabrev Post Doctoral Associate AC
Stewart Ziff Associate Professor
Jennifer Zorland Project Coord